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At this location of our site you can download tv series named "Vikings Season 4 Torrent Download" with HDTV quality, first episode of this season is released in by film director Michael Hirst. This series is rated with 8.6 points by IMDB, also it has English sound recording. Down below you can find alot of information about it with screenshots and trailer, you can also get the download link down below if full season is realeased already, other way you will find separate episodes that you will be able to download one by one.

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Vikings Season 4 download Vikings Season 4  torrent Vikings Season 4 2016 Movie HD download
Year of Release: 2016
Type of the Series: Drama
Size of the Series: 4.1 GB
Available Quality: HDTV 720p
Film Director: Michael Hirst
Amount of Episodes: 20
Language: English
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Seeders: 469  | Leechers: 73  | Series Lenght: 20 episodes
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Ragnar and the Vikings have come back to Kattegat in the wake of striking Paris. While Ragnar recuperates from his injuries endured in Paris, he meets another slave, Yidu, whom he develops near. He should likewise manage Floki, who has been detained by Bjorn for the homicide of Athelstan. Bjorn additionally uncovers to Ragnar that he means to venture out into the wild to get himself, yet not before Kalf and Erlendur plot against him. 

In the interim, the Viking ladies have developing desire, as Lagertha and Aslaug both endeavor to plot themselves once again into force. In Paris, Rollo and the Franks plan for the consequent return of Ragnar and his Viking warriors, and Rollo endeavors to manufacture an association with his new spouse Princess Gisla. In Wessex, connections are strained as Ecbert develops nearer to Judith, while his child Aethelwulf frames an association with Queen Kwenthrith. 

Vikings Season 4 full season download

Alongside King Aelle, this collusion plans to reestablish Kwenthrith to control in Mercia, while additionally remembering the possible return of Ragnar and the Vikings, whose settlement was butchered by Ecbert. Lord Harald Finehair lands in Kattegat with his sibling Halfdan, both energetic to assault with Ragnar in Paris. In any case, Harald has yearnings to wind up the King of all Norway, yet in doing as such should topple Ragnar. More established, injured, and without the craving to investigate like his initial years, Ragnar confronts adversaries on all sides. 

As Ragnar lies in his wiped out bed in Kattegat, occasions unfurl outside his ability to control. Ragnar and Floki are still at chances; Rollo makes extraordinary endeavors to win over his new lady of the hour, Princess Gisla; Bjorn's basic instincts are put under serious scrutiny; King Ecbert sets the errand for his child Aethelwulf to safeguard Queen Kwenthrith. Ragnar advises FLoki he needs to pay a substantial cost for his activities. 

Vikings Season 4 torrent

Rollo finds an associate in Count Odo. Bjorn Ironside discovers more than He expected in the wild. Ragnar becomes acquainted with the new slave lady while Rollo uncovers his desire to his better half. Bjorn meets an unforeseen warrior on his way home. Halfdan the Black lands in Kattegat. Floki uncovers a mystery to Finehair. Ragnar and Yidu turn out to be nearer. In the interim Lagertha settles a score. Ragnar uncovers his arrangement to attack Paris once more, and, despite the fact that the armada is tempest hurled as it sets out, the test lies in the France, where Rollo is standing by. 

In the mean time, Ecbert dispatches Aethelwulf and Alfred on a journey to Rome. Presently mindful that Rollo has double-crossed him, Ragnar does his arrangement of assault, which has desperate outcomes. Ecbert is given an offer from Prince Wigstan of Mercia. Harbard drums up some excitement with the ladies of Kattegat. In the wake of confronting annihilation on the stream, Ragnar declines to withdraw, provoking him to change his strategies for assaulting Paris. Count Odo's plot as a detriment to Charles and Rollo reverse discharges. 

Vikings Season 4 torrent download

Ecbert now governs Mercia, which disappoints Kwenthrieth. The Vikings at last achieve the stream. Aetheulwulf and Alfred achieve Rome. Erlendur makes his turn against Bjorn. Sigurd makes a stunning revelation in Kattegat. Ecbert is delegated ruler in Mercia. A brutal fight between the Vikings and the Franks inevitably comes down to Ragnar against Rollo. The result will seal the destiny of the two siblings.


Vikings Season 4 Episode 1 - "A Good Treason"

Ragnar, injured and close demise, has a fever long for strolling towards the inviting open entryways of Valhalla, just to see them close before him. Aslaug inquires as to whether a lady would manage Kattegat ought to Ragnar bite the dust. Bjorn has Floki captured for murdering Athelstan. At the point when Ragnar at long last stirs, he reprimands Bjorn for openly detaining his companion. Bjorn chooses to substantiate himself to Ragnar and arrangements to survive somewhere down in the wild. Aslaug obtains another slave young lady, Yidu, to use as a weapon against Ragnar. In Hedeby, Earl Kalf reports that he and Lagertha will share the Earldom, much to the aversion of Einar.

Kalf welcomes Einar and his men around a focal post so they can vote to oust Lagertha, however turns on them, murdering the dissenters and permitting Lagertha to convey the last affront to harm, mutilating Einar. In Paris, Rollo is settling into his new existence of Frankish respectability. He weds Princess Gisla, who sobs through the service and holds a blade to his throat on their wedding night. Rollo rides to the Viking settlement outside Paris, and requests the slaughter of each man, lady, and youngster.


Vikings Season 4 Episode 2 - "Kill The Quinn"

Bjorn has wandered off alone and must battle with the unforgiving states of the Scandinavian winter. Occupied with an adoration/abhor association with her narcissistic spouse, Helga liberates Floki from his securities. Ragnar goes up against Helga, who concedes what she has done, and he advises her he gets it. Bjorn's more youthful relative Ubbe goes with the manhunt and finds Floki stowing away in the stream. Ragnar chains Floki in a cavern. At the point when Aslaug safeguards Floki's activities, Ragnar thumps her down. Ragnar discovers Helga diving a grave in the solidified ground for her expired little girl, of whose passing she has not yet told Floki.

In Wessex, King Ecbert proposes a military development and an arrangement to protect Princess Kwenthrith of Mercia and her youngster, who are being held by revolutionary nobles. The ruler's child, Aethelwulf takes part in merciless hand-to-hand fight and in the long run salvages Kwenthrith. Little does Aethelwulf know, his better half Princess Judith is currently laying down with his dad. Duke Rollo makes an endeavor to fit in by trimming his hair and dressing suitably, however keeps on being derided by his new spouse Gisla. Rollo recommends building fortifications to keep the Vikings from cruising up stream.


Vikings Season 4 Episode 3 - "Mercy"

Ragnar and King Ecbert both experience separate dreams of Athelstan, who transfers the words "Benevolence". Rollo endeavors to take in the dialect of his new home, while persisting a greater amount of Gisla's abuse. Kalf contracts a Berserker to kill Bjorn for King Horik's child's benefit. Bjorn fixates on executing a bear that has figured out how to escape his traps. Floki and Helga battle to adapt to the demise of their girl. Ragnar approaches the hole with a hatchet, tells Helga that she has endured enough and liberates Floki.

Lagertha lays down with Kalf and he advises her he adores her – anyway she neglects to respond. Aethelwulf has come back with the safeguarded Queen Kwenthrith and her child Magnus. Judith's fixation on Athelstan proceeds. Wessex keeps setting up its fighters, Count Odo prepares a barrier of Paris, and Ragnar cleans fish giving the feeling that he is not prepared to continue investigating removed grounds.


Vikings Season 4 Episode 4 - "Yol"

In the wake of being sans set, Floki visits the Seer who lets him know that he has sat tight quite a while for his landing. He is then educated by Aslaug to show Ivar the method for the divine beings. Ragnar develops nearer to Yidu and gives her a chance to live in his private home in the forested areas. Ragnar and Yidu talk about how she came to be a slave. She then gives Ragnar some "solution" from her local grounds, which prompts a medicated night of pipedream. In the wild Bjorn experiences the Berserker, sent by Kalf and Erlendur, and executes him.

He finds a ring in the Berserker's ownership. Bjorn touches base in Hedeby and expects to leave with Erlendur's significant other, Torvi. Rollo is served legal documents, yet has taken in the French dialect, leaving Gisla inspired. He then gives her his Viking band to demonstrate his devotion to her. In Wessex, King Aelle stands up to his little girl Judith over her transgressions with King Ecbert. In the interim amid the Yol festivities in Kattegat, King Harald Finehair arrives and pronounces that he means to wind up King of all Norway. Ragnar then touches base to see Harald sitting in his awesome corridor.


Vikings Season 4 Episode 5 - "Promised"

Ragnar and Bjorn talk about regardless of whether they trust King Harald, child rearing, and being spouses, while Ragnar claims he has fizzled at both. Ragnar seems dependent on Yidu's "prescription", and the two talk about their most profound insider facts. Yidu's dad is a Chinese Emperor, while Ragnar uncovers the butcher of his England settlement, and that he has lost the yearning to investigate inaccessible terrains. Ruler Harald's sibling, Halfdan the Black, touches base in Kattegat and tells Ragnar he is excited to assault and murder Christians.

In the interim, Torvi uncovers to Bjorn that the ring he is conveying, which he took from the Berserker, is Erlendur's. In Wessex, Aethelwulf and Judith contend over both of their wrong doings, and Judith lets him know that they are a couple just in name. Aethelwulf concurs with Queen Kwenthrith, and tell his dad and King Aelle they have to battle together and reestablish Kwenthrith's energy in Mercia. In Paris, Therese and Roland uncover to Charles that Odo arrangements to oust him. In Hedeby, Lagertha uncovers to Kalf she is pregnant, and Kalf requests that her wed him. Minutes before their wedding, Lagertha wounds and kills Kalf, recovering her status as Earl Ingstad, leader of Hedeby.


Vikings Season 4 Episode 6 - "What Might Have Been"

Ragnar reports the Paris strikes, and gives his children Ubbe and Hvitserk their arm rings, so they can venture out with him to Paris. Before they leave, Ragnar asks the Seer how he will kick the bucket. He answers that Ragnar will kick the bucket when "the visually impaired man sees him". In Wessex, Ecbert sends his child Aethelwulf and Alfred on a journey to Rome. In Paris, Charles asks Rollo to not come back to Ragnar, and Rollo guarantees him that he won't sell out Paris or his significant other. Odo uncovers to Therese that he will have Charles slaughtered and ousted. 

In the mean time in Kattegat, after the warriors have set sail, Harbard arrives. While cruising for Paris, a tempest throws the Viking ships off base. Ragnar, Lagertha, and Harald arrive first in France, where they set up camp. Harald and Halfdan take their French detainees and smolder them alive while Bjorn watches from a separation. Once whatever is left of the boats arrive, the Vikings sail up waterway towards France, and notification there is no indication of Rollo's camp. Ragnar takes more "pharmaceutical", and daydreams of his days as an agriculturist. As the boats approach nearer to Paris, they see Rollo holding up with his new French associates.


Vikings Season 4 Episode 7 - "The Profit And The Loss"

Ragnar proposes assaults from the stream and the area. Rollo notification Lagertha's assault as her warriors get to be stuck in the swamp, and flames upon them and the Viking ships. As the boats approach the strongholds, Rollo arranges the Franks to raise an extensive metal chain between the fortifications, which overturns Harald's boat. Lagertha's ground assault withdraws, and the Franks start to light the Viking ships ablaze. Harald and Halfdan are safeguarded by Bjorn, and Ragnar spares Floki from suffocating. 

As the Viking ships retreat, Ragnar indignantly shouts to Rollo that he spared his life when everybody needed him dead. In Kattegat, Sigurd watches from a separation as Harbard and Aslaug kiss. In Wessex, Ecbert leaves for Mercia. He touches base to meet with Prince Wigstan of Mercia, who illuminates him that the Mercians will never acknowledge Kwenthrith as their Queen. He tells Ecbert that he will hand over Mercia to him. In Paris, the Vikings touch base back at camp, which the Franks have trapped. Helga is alive yet extremely injured, while Ragnar's children and Yidu are unharmed. Ragnar requests more "solution" from Yidu. Floki has a dream of Harbard engaging in sexual relations with Aslaug. Bjorn requests an arrangement of assault from Ragnar. Ragnar reacts they will withdraw tomorrow, while muttering to a separated head.


Vikings Season 4 Episode 8 - "Portage"

As the Vikings withdraw, Ragnar's authority is addressed by Harald. Ragnar advises Bjorn to stop the boats at a precipice confront, and uncovers another arrangement. They will lift the boats over the bluff, walk them around the Frank's fortresses, and slip them once more into the waterway while in transit to Paris. In Paris, Odo tells Charles they can't trust Rollo, and Roland concurs. Gisla uncovers to Charles that she conveys Rollo's youngster. Odo meets with Therese, who alongside Roland deceive him, and execute him. Rollo is then given the Iron Hand of Frankia. 

In Wessex, Ecbert returns after triumph over the illustrious gathering of Mercia. He tells Kwenthrith that she is no more Queen, as he has been confirmed as King of Mercia. In the mean time in Kattegat, Aslaug sees Harbard with other ladies and becomes envious. She faces Harbard, who then leaves a second time. In France, Ragnar approaches Yidu for more medications, yet she denies him once more. He advises her she is not free, and she debilitates him with his Wessex mystery. Ragnar suffocates her in an attack of fierceness. Back in Wessex, Kwenthrith sneaks into Ecberts quaint little inn to murder him, yet Kwenthrith is then slaughtered by Judith.


Vikings Season 4 Episode 9 - "Death All Around"

As the Vikings move the boats crosswise over area, Harald and Halfdan butcher a Frankish family. Lagertha has an unsuccessful labor, and is ameliorated by Ragnar. In Rome, Aethelwulf and Alfred arrive, and the Pope makes Alfred a delegate of Rome. In Wessex, Ecbert is delegated King of Wessex and Mercia. Lord Aelle voices dismay, and Ecbert lets him know they are no more equivalents. In Kattegat, Sigurd finds Siggy dead in the waterway. He tells Aslaug, who disregards her passing, and makes jokes with Ivar.

In Paris, Charles makes Roland the defender of Paris, and they share each other's bed. The Vikings touch base in sight of Paris, and slip the boats into the stream. Erlendur tells Torvi she should execute Bjorn or else he'll slaughter her child. Torvi approaches Bjorn with Erlendur's crossbow, however rather turns and slaughters Erlendur. Bjorn tells Ragnar, who is in withdrawal without his "medication", that Paris can't be taken without him. Ragnar answers he couldn't care less about Paris, and that he is here for Rollo. As the Vikings sail for Paris, Ragnar mumbles to himself that he should slaughter Rollo.


Vikings Season 4 Episode 10 - "The Last Ship"

On the stream, an armada of Frankish boats approaches the Vikings, with Rollo driving the way. In Paris, Charles has Roland and Therese executed, while Gisla says supplications for Rollo. The Vikings and Franks fight on the waterway, with the Vikings vanquishing the principal armada of French boats. Rollo then leads his remaining boats into a bleeding fight. Halfdan, Floki, and Lagertha are all injured. Ragnar and Rollo start to fight and go to a stalemate. The Franks win the fight, and Ragnar advises Bjorn to take Lagertha and retreat to the boats. 

Ragnar charges Rollo, yet is snatched and tossed into their boats, as they sail away in annihilation. Rollo is welcomed by Charles and Gisla, and delegated to the praise of Paris. In Kattegat, numerous years pass. Ragnar has vanished. A delivery person conveys news to Aslaug and Bjorn that the Viking settlement was butchered, and that Ragnar has a child named Magnus in Wessex. Bjorn tells his siblings, who now detest Ragnar. Bjorn plans to cruise into the Mediterranean. Ragnar comes back to Kattegat an abhorred man, and difficulties his children to execute him on the off chance that they need to be King.


Vikings Season 4 Episode 11 - "N/A"

This episode isn't released yet.


Vikings Season 4 Episode 12 - "N/A"

This episode isn't released yet.


Vikings Season 4 Episode 13 - "N/A"

This episode isn't released yet.


Vikings Season 4 Episode 14 - "N/A"

This episode isn't released yet.


Vikings Season 4 Episode 15 - "N/A"

This episode isn't released yet.


Vikings Season 4 Episode 16 - "N/A"

This episode isn't released yet.


Vikings Season 4 Episode 17 - "N/A"

This episode isn't released yet.


Vikings Season 4 Episode 18 - "N/A"

This episode isn't released yet.


Vikings Season 4 Episode 19 - "N/A"

This episode isn't released yet.


Vikings Season 4 Episode 20 - "N/A"

This episode isn't released yet.

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